Let’s Talk About… Race & Body in Loving (2017)

Loving tells the true story of an interracial couple battling to change the laws of Virginia, the existence of race and the body can be explored.

Film Discussion

Loving is a true life dramatic feature depicting the lives of interracial couple Mildred and Richard Loving who battled against the Virginian law in order to spend their lives together.   Their marriage, taking place in 1958, soon sparked attention from the unrelenting law enforcers of Virginia state and putting them in a difficult position of having to remove themselves from the state entirely for the next 25 years to receive a suspended sentence.

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Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

The true-life experiences of Matt Haig’s battle with depression is highlighted in this compelling book ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’

Book Review/Discussion

Essentially, I aimed for this to just be a review piece on the book. But that was before I got to reading Reasons to Stay Alive. My decision was drastically altered as I discovered I had so much more to discuss, thus forming a review-discussion combination that may be a bit out-there when my writing is considered. My predominant intention for this book was to read through it during a time in my life in which I believed it would benefit me most. I do think I’ve achieved that, seeing as I have so much to discuss due to reading it.

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Foster Florence Jenkins (2016)

Meryl Streep Takes Centre Stage in a Shining Performance in comedic biography feature ‘Foster Florence Jenkins’

Film Review

Published with Starskify – 19th May 2016

Not shy from life on the stage, Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) becomes inspired to pursue the desire of urging her performances further through the exhilaration of opera singing. Always graced with a passion for music and along with her devoted husband St Clair (Hugh Grant) and accompanying pianist Cosmé McMoon (Simon Helberg), nothing will stand between her and her dream, not even her unpleasant singing talents.

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Eddie the Eagle (2016)

The inspiring true tale of a determined man, with one dream of attending the Winter Olympics in comedic feature ‘Eddie the Eagle’

Film Review

Initially published for FilmDebate – 30th April 2016

Determined from a young age, Eddie Edwards has the dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. His father constantly undermines him, and team mates never accept him, but Eddie insists on travelling to across the world to pursue his aspiration. With drunken former champion Bronson Peary by his side, he makes sure nothing stands in his way to ensure he is part of the  team and furthermore, Great Britain’s first-ever Olympic ski jumper.

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Spotlight (2016)

An old investigation is brought back to attention for the Boston Globe journalist group in dramatic thriller ‘Spotlight’

Film Review

Spotlight‘, a group of four Boston Globe journalists are called upon to unearth a somewhat covered-up case surrounding allegations of child abuse and molestation caused by the Catholic Church. The initially overlooked investigation develops into a larger scandal as the sins of priests are confirmed and the team endeavours to write the story that could potentially cause controversy and change, not just for the US, but the whole world.

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The Revenant (2016)

A compelling and intense story based on true events in dramatic feature ‘The Revenant’

Film Review

 In the wild American tundra of the 1820’s, a group of animal trappers are on the journey of survival as they travel across the to their outpost following an attack from opposing Natives. With the most knowledge regading the surrounding lands, Hugh Glass leads his comrades. Soon enough, he is savagely attacted by a frantic, protective bear and abandoned by his fellows. Now, left unaided and close to death, Glass is compelled to retaliate against the harsh environements, in order to reform with his group and ultimately achieve revenge against his son’s murderer and traitorous ally.

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The Danish Girl (2016)

Eddie Redmayne depicts yet another stunning performance and transformation in dramatic, historical feature ‘The Danish Girl’

Film Review

Danish painter Einar is living is 1926 Copenhagen, together with his fellow painter wife Gerda. With a lack of new inspiration for her work, Gerda turns to her husband for a unfamiliar muse in the form of a woman persona – Lily. Dumbfounded by this unconventional transformation, Einar then finds solace in this modification to his appearance. The paintings of Lily begin to gain high recognition across in Paris, initiating unconventional contemplations over a conflicting persona within himself. Testing their six year marriage to new limits, the pair face tough decisions as Lily craves to emerge entirely through uncertain surgeries.

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