Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Haunted by her past, an art gallery owner receives an intense novel from her ex-husband in phycological thriller ‘Nocturnal Animals’

Film Review

First Published with Starskify – 14th November 2016

Living what seems to be the life of luxury, art gallery owner Susan is dragging herself through an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfying work life. After the delivery of an abnormal package from her ex-husband, her mind becomes enthralled in the novel manuscript she’s been gifted with and thoughts drift back to memories of her life with Edward. Dedicated to her, the book depicts a character doubling as Edward, battling dark and enthralling circumstances. 

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The Girl on the Train (2016)

Still recovering from the separation with her husband, a unbalanced woman takes matters into her own hands after witnessing shocking events from afar in thrilling adaptation ‘Girl on the Train’

Film Review

Rachel takes solace in her made up world of fantasy that she creates to fill the voids left in her life. All of which is evidently as a result of the failure of her marriage and consequent downhill battle with daily life. Gradually losing sight of the life she once knew, her main pleasures come from the boozy reach for the bottle and the journey on her accustomed train route. She later becomes entwined into the lives of others after witnessing a shocking circumstance.

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Money Monster (2016)

George Clooney and Julia Roberts step up as part of popular financial TV show ‘Money Monster’, thwarted by a unexpected hostage situation.

Film Review

First Published with Starskify

Star and host of financial TV show ‘Money Monster’, hot shot Lee Gates comes under unanticipated ambush during the latest broadcast of the show. The show is succumbed to a hostage situation led by Kyle Budwell, an investor that lost everything after following up a tip provided to him from the show. When a bomb-threat is revealed, the entire crew is forced into a high alert to come to an agreement to settle the circumstances.

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Green Room (2016)

A punk rock band take a controversial gig that leads to an unexpected fight for survival in thriller feature ‘Green Room’

Film Review

Following a succession of unfortunate circumstances, a four piece punk rock band are close to giving up on life on the road. But when information on a potential gig in a secluded part of Oregon comes to their attention, they take it as their only shot for restoration. After a heated performance, the members unintentionally encounter a brutal act. Witnessing unwanted circumstances results in the friends situated in a ambush ruse, trapped in the backstage green room. The group are compelled to work together with a fellow witness, in a fight for their survival against the venue owner and his crew.

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Eye in the Sky (2016)

A thrilling and compelling drama around the notions behind modern warfare – ‘Eye in the Sky’

Film Review

Colonel Katherine Powell has been perilously tracking the movements of a number of al-Shabaab terrorists for several years. When new information on the whereabouts of these high-priority individuals comes to her attention, a team gathers to achieve a final resolution to capture the targets. Situated in Nairobi, Kenya, a young girl harmlessly goes about her daily routine, selling bread for her mother. Her life is put on the line when Powell regrettably decides to modify her mission from “capture” to “kill”, after threats of suicide bombers are uncovered. Further complications arise as imminent deaths are calculated and the whole team must make some difficult decisions in order to minimalize causalities and destruction.

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High Rise (2016)

Bound to the newly developed tower, classes collide in dramatic feature ‘High Rise’

Film Review

Written and published for Starskify – 19th April 2016

Psychology Doctor Robert Laing is new to life in the High Rise, recently moved to the 25th floor of a newly developed tower block in London. Bound to the tower by a hierarchy of class and power, Laing soon fits right at home, pushing away his somewhat enigmatic past and welcoming the conventional and totally hectic environments of the many floors. When harmony turns to chaos, the social order takes control and lower classes revolt against the forceful occupants of the higher command.

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Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Two beloved DC heroes come together in the highly anticipated, comic adaptation of ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Film Review

Edit Published on – 6th April 2016

Zach Snyder’s provides his second rendition into the superhero world in the form of his familiar Man of Steel encountering the Caped Crusader of Gotham in a rivalry of morals and justice. Citizens of Metropolis emerge conscious of the destruction Superman has brought to their city, and are now striving for protectorship they deserve against the evil of the world. Bruce Wayne shares the concerns of the city, after witnessing the effects of the Krypton originating alien from ground level view. Wayne is fastened with a vengeance to put an end to this reckless demolition, whist Clark Kent himself is becoming more aware of an additional threat in the form of the somewhat unhinged Lex Luthor. Vast plans unfold and the two heroes are forced into confrontation and subsequently required to unite against the perils Luthor provides to the duo.

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