Top 17 Films of 2017

Time to look back over the films that have come to our screens in the last 12 months and which takes top spot.

It’s been a while since films have been discussed on this ol’ blog, but as it’s the end of the year, it seems apt to delve into the somewhat small number of films that I did get to see at the cinema this year. I will admit right now that the list is considerably smaller than the previous year, but as music has taken over as the main focus of the site then I can also admit I have slacked in other entertainment environments. This list may be small, but there have been some total crackers from 2017 to still celebrate. (Based on UK release dates)

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Let’s Talk About Disability & Body in X-Men

A brief discussion regarding the appearance of disability in the X-Men franchise

Film Discussion

Superhero movies do tend to comprise of characters that are afflicted by physical disabilities, heroes take their conditions in their stride and instead incorporate these in their fight against evil.

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Doctor Strange (2016)

Film Review

First Published with Starskify – 9th December 2016

Following a life changing incident, neurosurgeon Steven Strange undergoes masses of surgeries in an attempt to regain full working control over his hands.  When traditional medicine appears to provide no hope, the doctor searches for help elsewhere. Under the guidance from the Ancient One, he then learns the true powers from within himself to conquer inner demons and protect the mystic realms.

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Let’s Talk About… POV in Cinema

Discussing the ideology of first person POV concept in cinema, following the release of action feature ‘Hardcore Henry’


Originally written and published with FilmDebate – 17th April 2016

The emergence of Hardcore Henry onto our screens in the last few weeks has brought the concept of first person POV into the feature film environment. Essentially, what this film portrays can be classified as is a cinematic video game; a brutal, action packed thrill ride that allows the audience to really become part of the energy and combat surrounding the characters and their environments. In terms of cinema and film, it’s unlike much we’ve encountered before, hence why it also carries a sheer amount of potential, particularly regarding future releases.

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Circle (2015)

In a room full of strangers, what gives you right to choose who lives and who dies? Short suspense film ‘Circle’ shows us about the morals of humanity when faced with the ominous presence of certain death.

Film Review

Suspense filled ‘Circle‘ is a mysterious short film about 50 apparent strangers trapped in a unknown chamber. One wrong move and they’re vaporised. They soon realise that they collectively have the choice of who dies next. Thrown straight into the action, this thriller keeps us guessing the whole way through, questioning the morals of humanity and what really is right or wrong.

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The Martian (2015)

Discovering that space really isn’t for the faint hearted in this film adaptation of Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’.

Film Review

Astronaut Mark Watney is left stranded on Mars after him and his companions are caught in violent storm and forced to evacuate their mission. Presumed dead, Mark is then required to live off the short supply of provisions alone and with no means of communication. Adapted from the bestselling novel by Andy Weir, this science fiction epic tells the tale of the stranded traveller and his endeavour to survive and get back home.

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