TOTD – 27th April 2017

27th April Track of the Day – Quitter’s Don’t Smoke by Blood Command

Track of the Day

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Introducing… Paper City Exile

Looking into young American new-age indie rock band Paper City Exile, and their most recent LP

Album Review

First published with The Colour of Vinyl

Dan Conway, Jackson Silverman, and Zeno Quinn are Paper City Exile, a young trio residing from Western Massachusetts. The group attend the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School, pursuing their musical aspirations, making their impact on the Boston music scene and expanding their audiences across the globe.

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Introducing… Start the Virago

Revised demo album from Start the Virago – an energetic collaboration of genre influences from 90’s grunge rock to contemporary alternative

Album Review

Published for The Colour of Vinyl

Start the Virago was formed back in 2007 as a solo project for West Yorkshire guitarist James Brickles. The band’s demo ‘Start the Virago’, released in 2008, got a revised launch on June 12th 2014, featuring the eleven primary tracks along with new addition ‘Time is a Great Healer’, not featured on the original demo. Titled ‘Re-Start the Virago’, the digital download also provides a bonus song titled ‘Monster’.

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