Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

A investigation kicks off after the body of a single mother is found in the water.

When the body of a single mother turns up at the local river, infamously named ‘The Drowning Pool’, it sparks an investigation with the local community; this is not the first girl to be found dead in this situation. Jules may not be mourning her late sister, but she is dragged back to a place she had once escaped before to care for the orphaned child and uncover some old memories.

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Top 16 Films of 2016

A section of my favourite releases from the year of 2016.

Top 16 Films of 2016

Nearing the end of 2016, it’s about time to reflect on the releases of this year. Thanks to Cineworld Unlimited, I’ve managed to get to my local cinema a vast amount of times this year, so I’ve got a lot to choose from. As it was 2016, I’ve gone with a selection of 16 films that have topped my cinema year. This is just my opinions here; all views are my own and are selected through the UK cinema release dates.

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The Girl on the Train (2016)

Still recovering from the separation with her husband, a unbalanced woman takes matters into her own hands after witnessing shocking events from afar in thrilling adaptation ‘Girl on the Train’

Film Review

Rachel takes solace in her made up world of fantasy that she creates to fill the voids left in her life. All of which is evidently as a result of the failure of her marriage and consequent downhill battle with daily life. Gradually losing sight of the life she once knew, her main pleasures come from the boozy reach for the bottle and the journey on her accustomed train route. She later becomes entwined into the lives of others after witnessing a shocking circumstance.

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Now You See Me 2 (2016)

The four magical horsemen return after they are tricked at their own game of deception in thrilling feature ‘Now You See Me 2’

Film Review

Edited review published and written for Film Inquiry

2016 is already shaping up to become the year of reboots and sequels, whether or not they are deemed desirable or not is a different matter. Now You See Me indeed worked as a solo endeavour back when the magic was introduced three years previous. The existence of the sequel may come as a surprise to some, due to the mixed responses circling the first instalment. Yet, the success that followed in the box office did prove enough to induce the development of the second act.

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The Nice Guys (2016)

Two mismatched investigators are pulled into a case revolving around a missing girl in action comedy feature ‘The Nice Guys’

Film Review

Written and uploaded with Starskify – 18th June 2016

The year is 1977. Los Angeles is the home for private investigator Holland March, who is recruited to track down the whereabouts of a girl deemed to be associated with a recently deceased famous porn star. His investigations lead him to encounter the somewhat unconventional enforcer Jackson Healy, who also happens to be linked with the missing girl. Brought together, the two detectives further encounter associations of conspiracy which leads them on a wild goose chase of deception, proving that it’s not always easy to be considered one of the nice guys.

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Crimson Peak (2015)

A naive Victorian writer is brought into an mysterious ancient decaying mansion, with her past continuing to haunt her, in gothic horror “Crimson Peak”

Film Review

Determined young writer, Edith Cushing bears boundless imagination capable of envisioning ghosts due to the existence of her past haunting her. Her aspirations to be more than the typical Victorian woman are shattered after she is claimed as the wife to the mystifying Thomas Sharpe, a cryptic outsider. Soon after they are wed, the pair take accommodation in Thomas’ family mansion with his equally enigmatic sister, Lucille Sharpe. Now, she’s trapped and surrounded by secrets from the disturbing environment. Her innocence is ruptured by the ghosts of Arredale Hall and she finally sees the truth behind the mystery.

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Secret in their Eyes (2016)

A rape, murder case is re-opened by a FBI investigator, determined to find the killer in crime thriller ‘Secret in their Eyes’

Film Review

A seemingly ordinary murder case proves to be a life-shattering cause for years of hardship and departure for a team of FBI investigators and their adjoining officers. After the brutal death of her daughter, Jess Cobb’s life is broken, but her determined associate Ray Kasten is persistent to catch the culprit and avenge her loss. 13 years later and the alliance re-assmebles, intent on re-opening the case and finally getting to the bottom of the supposed futile investigation. Continue reading “Secret in their Eyes (2016)”