Let’s Talk About… Disney Live-Action Remakes

Discussing Disney’s ventures into live action and the future of their reboots of classic stories.


There’s a large amount of interest into the category of remakes surrounding cinema releases, particularly in recent Disney announcements. Within this recent article, written for Film Inquiry, I discuss some of the current establishments of live-action reboots as well as what this could potentially mean for the future releases.

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Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

Two rogue Huntsmen are battling against the forces of evil Queens in fantasy feature ‘Huntsman: Winter’s War’

Film Review

Left heartbroken after the loss of her only child, Freya abandons the forest land and her evil Queen sister Ravenna for a solitary confinement in the winter wilderness of the North,  taking a new command over the dominion. Bitter from her past, the icy Queen raises an army of Huntsmen, capturing and training children into toughened soldiers. Star-crossed lovers Sara and Eric are forced apart from the resentful monarch, after prohibiting the existence of love in her realm. When finally reunited, along with new accomplices, they must together regain back the lost, magic mirror before anything further can happen to the future of their lands.

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Crimson Peak (2015)

A naive Victorian writer is brought into an mysterious ancient decaying mansion, with her past continuing to haunt her, in gothic horror “Crimson Peak”

Film Review

Determined young writer, Edith Cushing bears boundless imagination capable of envisioning ghosts due to the existence of her past haunting her. Her aspirations to be more than the typical Victorian woman are shattered after she is claimed as the wife to the mystifying Thomas Sharpe, a cryptic outsider. Soon after they are wed, the pair take accommodation in Thomas’ family mansion with his equally enigmatic sister, Lucille Sharpe. Now, she’s trapped and surrounded by secrets from the disturbing environment. Her innocence is ruptured by the ghosts of Arredale Hall and she finally sees the truth behind the mystery.

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Goosebumps (2015)

Monsters are brought to life in a tale inspired by the childhood book series ‘Goosebumps’

Film Review

New kid to town, Zach and his widowed mum move next door to teenage girl Hannah and her stern, concealed father, who becomes apparent to be R.L. Stine, worldwide bestselling author of the Goosebumps series . Drawn in by his uneasy demeanour, Zack discovers that his curious neighbours actually conceal a further deep secret, involving locked manuscripts of the childhood stories in their home. Stine, trapped in part of his imagination, has the ability to create monsters that can materialise into the real world. When the books are unintentionally opened, the creations are released from the pages. Now faced with the many terrors from his own writings, Stine, along with the help from his daughter, Zach and his new friend Champ, must battle their way to trap the creatures before any further chaos can ensue.

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Collective Graphic Novel Reviews

Graphic novels are a interesting and diverse way of telling a narrative. There are so many themes, stories and genres that can be presented through beautiful illustrations and aesthetics that differ across various artists visions. Christmas brought me a vast amount of new graphic novels ranging from humorous fantasy to thrilling manga. Easily readable and compelling, here are some short reviews on five exceptional graphic novels I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed.

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Victor Frankenstein (2015)

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy demonstrates the man behind the classic monster in historical drama ‘Victor Frankenstein’

Film Review

Recently broken loose from the circus and provided with a new identity, Igor is an unfortunately constructed circus freak with an ingenious mind for physics and the human anatomy. His mastermind of a rescuer comes in the deranged form of Victor Frankenstein, an unswerving student of medicine who visualises his new companion as an unexpected gift. Together, they embark on a journey of science and remarkable discoveries, striving for creating a fully living being.

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Top 15 Books of 2015

It’s been a pretty decent year of reading. A lot of very good books accompanied alongside some other not so good. I’ve managed to compile my final list of 15 favourites that I read this year. Some are new releases, some are YA and there are also a fair amount of graphic novels included in there too. All, in my opinion were brilliant in their own way. Happy New Year, let’s hope 2016 brings a lot more reading. Continue reading “Top 15 Books of 2015”