Top 18 Highlights of 2018 (So Far)

Some of my favourite films, albums, songs and gigs from the first half of 2018

Halfway through the year and I’m feeling like this is already turning out to be a pretty good un’ in terms of music and media. So many old favourites have been sharing their latest tracks throughout 2018, some awesome bands have put on awesome performances and we are being treated some some fantastic movies. It’s time to have a look back at what 2018 has offered so far.

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Dead! – The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

Taking a look at at the debut full-length record from Dead!

Even before I listen to Dead!’s debut full-length album, I feel like I am already so familiar with it. That’s not to say that it’s the same as everything I’ve heard before, but instead, it is because of how easily the London-based four-piece makes you feel at home when sharing their music. These guys, despite being relatively new to the scene, sound like a finely tuned unit already; rare to see on a debut.

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Fat Lip Fest 2017 Review

Fat Lip has already made itself known around the South West, providing a popular alt-rock night every month in Bristol. As the first year producing a festival line-up, the brand has definitely created something pretty special that is sure to continue to bring in some big names in the rock, punk and alt genres in future endeavours. Already with a diverse selection of bands and a crowd to match, this little festival has plenty of potential to make an even bigger name for itself.

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