The Lady in the Van (2015)

‘The Lady in the Van’ is a tale of a delusional old lady taking residence in a writer’s driveway, and she’s there to stay.

Movie Review

A writer is dumbfounded after thoughtlessly assisting an elderly lady push her vehicle down his newly found homely neighbourhood street. This seemingly deranged, fragile resident soon finds herself occupying the timid man’s driveway. Adapted from the almost true story of  Alan Bennett’s acquaintances with Miss Shepherd, this piognant tale of community and how one individual can make immense impact on others.

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Spy (2015)

A CIA desk agent is thrown into dangerous unknown territory in action comedy feature ‘Spy’

Film Review

Melissa McCarthy stars in a comedic spin on the classic spy film. Obligated is stay in the ear of her partner, Susan Cooper is an unaclaimed CIA associate living in the shadow of her colleagues. She’s quick to volunteer to be part of an undercover scheme following the unexpected loss of her partner. She’s way out of her depth but that doesn’t stop her from the determination to prove herself a respectable and potentially lethal spy, and not just the uncoordinated fool people perceive her to be.

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