Introducing… Reawaken

Formed in 2016, Southampton rockers Reawaken have a lot to offer the world already. There is a multitude of female prowess buzzing around the industry as of late. With the likes of Halestorm and Pvris leading the pack, it would be no surprise if Reawaken follow in their footsteps.

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Introducing… Creature of Habit

Chester alt-rock trio Creature of Habit set to release their follow-up track to their 2017 debut EP.

Creature of Habit are a three-piece alt-rock outfit who are making their presence clear in their hometown and surrounding areas following their debut EP release and succession of successful shows with the likes of Press to Meco, Emp!re and Grumble Bee. Their new single marks their return with a series of local shows to coincide.

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Introducing… Carry the Crown

Introducing your next favourite alt-rock band.

The latest additions to the alt-rock roster are here and they’re in the form of Lincoln quintet Carry the Crown. The group are bursting with catchy hooks and melodic vocals to entice the UK into their clutches. Following their successful first record release last year, they know prepare to introduce their latest mini-collection of energy ‘Not Alone‘: due in March.

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Introducing… Bordello

Bristol based Bordello are a diverse quartet brimming with soulful rock and blues vibes

The local music scene in Bristol is a diverse one. With the vast selection of common cover bands to rock newcomers performing at the local brewer for a quick set of entertainment. Four-piece Bordello come with something a bit different up their sleeves: a refreshing approach to bringing together soulful blues and lively rock vibes that sets them above the rest of the ordinary music scene.

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Introducing… Superfecta

New single ‘Mannequin’ from London based heavy rock band Superfecta is out now

Introducing Superfecta

Formed back in late 2012, London based Superfecta are making a return after a two-year break for reorganisation. The hard rock five-piece released their newest single ‘Mannequin’ on the 8th May, which sets to be the first insight into their next album release, which follows up from their full-length debut ‘Primal Instinct’ from 2014.

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Introducing… The Jackobins

The new single from Liverpool based quartet the Jackobins ‘Nightfire’ is released today, and its a cracker!

Introducing the Jackobins

Liverpool founded quartet the Jackobins may have gone through some line-up changes over the last couple of years, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting down to business and creating brand new, fresh music ready to be admired by many. Their newest track ‘Nightfire’ is released today and brings forth a new, raw energy that is sure to excite fans of alt-rock.

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Introducing… Paper City Exile

Looking into young American new-age indie rock band Paper City Exile, and their most recent LP

Album Review

First published with The Colour of Vinyl

Dan Conway, Jackson Silverman, and Zeno Quinn are Paper City Exile, a young trio residing from Western Massachusetts. The group attend the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School, pursuing their musical aspirations, making their impact on the Boston music scene and expanding their audiences across the globe.

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