Let’s Talk About… Movie Trailers

brief discussion into the affects of movie trailers, focussing on two of the biggest superhero epics from 2016 – ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’


(May contain potential spoilers)

Following the highly anticipated release of DC superhero epic Suicide Squad, a primary bother that effected the overall enjoyment of the epic was the trailers. This, coupled with the previous example of DC’s former, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has stimulated enough issues that require a full discussion into what affect the trailers have on the final film.

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Let’s Talk About… Disney Live-Action Remakes

Discussing Disney’s ventures into live action and the future of their reboots of classic stories.


There’s a large amount of interest into the category of remakes surrounding cinema releases, particularly in recent Disney announcements. Within this recent article, written for Film Inquiry, I discuss some of the current establishments of live-action reboots as well as what this could potentially mean for the future releases.

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Let’s Talk About… POV in Cinema

Discussing the ideology of first person POV concept in cinema, following the release of action feature ‘Hardcore Henry’


Originally written and published with FilmDebate – 17th April 2016

The emergence of Hardcore Henry onto our screens in the last few weeks has brought the concept of first person POV into the feature film environment. Essentially, what this film portrays can be classified as is a cinematic video game; a brutal, action packed thrill ride that allows the audience to really become part of the energy and combat surrounding the characters and their environments. In terms of cinema and film, it’s unlike much we’ve encountered before, hence why it also carries a sheer amount of potential, particularly regarding future releases.

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