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Hello there, my name is Jess and welcome to The Cozy Chronicles. This is my own little place on the internet, established back in 2015 as a place to discuss movies, books and media. We’ve evolved a lot since then, I’m a graduate in Media Production now and like to talk about music a lot.

I also delve into the world of music reviews and currently provide content to Vulture Hound and Broken Arrow Mag. Check these websites out, they are awesome and I regularly create content for both. I’m always talking about pop-punk, alternative and all kinds of rock music so if you happen to be in a band wanting some extra promotion or have any albums/EPs you may want to be reviewed, don’t hesitate to get in touch! The Cozy Chronicles is PR friendly, so please get in touch via my email address and I’ll try and get back to you.

I blog in my spare time and do not currently earn any income from any of the publications I write. All reviews are honest and represent my personal opinions only, every piece that is written for other sites are always credited.

Please note, if you do use my photos from live gigs, give a small accreditation to me and do not remove my watermark. Thank you.

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I read sometimes too, check out my Goodreads too!

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