12 Days Of Christmas 2018

It’s the annual 12 days of Christmas; a countdown of the top tracks from 2018.

It’s time for an annual tradition here at the Cozy Chronicles; the Twelve Days of Christmas countdown of the best tracks from the year. 2018 saw some epic new tracks from old favorites as well as surprisingly good additions from some newbies. The list was incredibly hard this year, but let’s have a look at what graced my ears over the last twelve months. Come back each day to find out see more.


Can’t Deny Me – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam always carry plenty of good childhood memories. Classic tracks such as ‘Once‘, ‘Jeremy‘ and ‘Black‘, just to name a few, have always managed to maintain their overall enjoyment over the years. Their first original song since ‘Lightning Bolt‘, ‘Can’t Deny Me‘ appeared out of nowhere in March this year with new energy from Eddie and his Seattle crew. Another solid track and despite any signs of a new album, the band continues to be as relentless as ever.


My Queen – Can’t Swim

Can’t Swim have consistently shown that when they make a good track, it’s a real good track. ‘My Queen‘ has it all: catchy hooks, an incredibly engaging energy and their signature personality they first showcased in their debut album ‘Fail You Again‘. They have unique ways of working and it continues to be as intriguing as ever with this stand-out single.


Hereafter – Architects

I’ve always been aware of Architects and their recent rise into the spotlight but never been one to engage in their sound. When they came out with ‘Hereafter, the first single from their brilliant album ‘Holy Hell‘, it piqued my interest. With it on repeat, the track soon was a firm favorite within my playlists and established as an excellent foundation of what else they had in store.


Peach (Lobotomy) – Waterparks

Waterparks took over my ears in the first part of 2019, with their sophomore full-length release ‘Entertainment‘. Their ability to captivate has always been a strong point for the trio and they continue this regin with a multitude of tracks within their newest record. ‘Peach (Lobotomy)‘ in particular stood out for the whimsical rhythms and overall delightful atmosphere.


Count Bassy – Dance Gavin Dance

One of the biggest surprises from the year came from California’s Dance Gavin Dance in the form of their latest full-length release ‘Artificial Selection‘. Packed full of vibrant tracks with whimsical tones and the odd bit of angst, the album held host to some excellent tracks including ‘Count Bassy‘. The track demonstrates high levels of intrigue and delicate alterations in tempo. They manage to balance their mixture of unique sounds in the best possible way.


Sham Pain – Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch have always managed to bring out solid work in their full-length albums and ‘And Justice For None‘ was no exception to this. ‘Sham Pain‘ was a clever construction that called out particulars in their eventful 2016 when the band was sued by their record label amongst other setbacks for the group. The legal battle delayed the album’s production and led to an emotional performance at Download 2017. This particular song acts as a shoutout to those events in the most 5FDP way possible.


Letting You Go – Bullet For My Valentine

This was easily my top track at the halfway point through the year. Carrying some classic BFMV atmospheric rhythms and in-your-face riffs that engage the listener in the best possible way. ‘Letting You Go‘ was easily the stand-out song taken from their latest full-length album ‘Gravity’, with interesting alterations in tempo and twists and turns throughout.


Distortion – Babymetal

2018 was the year I was able to witness Babymetal for the first time in their wonderful glory. With the addition of their newest song ‘Distortion‘, their performance at Download was certainly one to remember. Their energy and overall stage presence is something that no other young act can top and this track is something that builds brilliantly on their  awesome back catalogue.


Major System Error – Marmozets

Fiery female-fronted Marmozets have a habit of coming out with the odd in-your-face, fierce track that won’t get out of your head for weeks on end. With the appearance of their sophomore full-length record ‘Knowing What You Know Now‘ early in the year, it also brought the excellent single ‘Major System Error‘ along for the ride. Technically released at the very end of 2017, I’m still counting it in this year’s countdown because it’s just that good. It’s bold, it’s engaging and can’t be ignored.


No Manners In Ireland – Popes Of Chillitown

The ska heroes made a triumphant return in 2018 with their newest record ‘Work Hard Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard‘. Personally dubbed as one of the best albums from the year, the new album introduced plenty of sweet sweet tracks from the group including stand-out ‘No Manners in Ireland‘. Maintaining a fairly stable rhythm throughout, the song shows off their profound ability to seamlessly merge genres to create something new and exciting every time.


All Out Life – Slipknot

The masks are back on for the latest single ‘All Out Life’. Due to be taken from their yet untitled sixth studio album, the mighty Knot’ is back and still as formidable as ever. Already dubbed as “‘Iowa’ levels of heavy”, the new album is set to be a throwback to the genre-defining 2001 record. They’ve grown up a lot since then and so has their abilities as musicians outside of Slipknot, but if this is any hint towards what is to come, then it’s going to be huge.


MANTRA – Bring Me The Horizon

2018 marked the return of Sheffield giants Bring Me The Horizon, and their entrance was made ever brilliant with brand-new single ‘MANTRA’. Taken from their upcoming album release ‘Amo’, the track highlights everything that has proved BMTH to be frontrunners in heavy contemporary music today.

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