Thank You Stan Lee

Remembering Marvel Comics visionary Stan Lee.

The loss of a great man rests heavily in the evening of 12 November. The father of Marvel and everyone’s real-life Superhero Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee) sadly passed away at the age of 95.

I’ve never written a tribute to anyone before or even anything remotely in this kind of approach, so this is very much coming from emotion. The MCU was always something I had admired and cherished in a way that no other franchise has ever quite matched. It has never failed to bring me joy in the many forms that have sprouted across pop culture and media. Having celebrated its 10th anniversary just earlier this year, Marvel Studios proved that they have built up the fantastic ability to unite and bring people together. And that’s exactly what Stan Lee has done.

When someone in the world makes such an impact on you without even coming into contact with them, it must go to show what an amazing person they must be. Without Stan Lee, I wouldn’t have ever experienced the true joy of an excellent pair of pajama bottoms depicting Spider-Man and his Marvel comrades. Without Stan Lee, I wouldn’t have enjoyed hours of late night movie premieres. Most importantly, without Stan Lee, some of my most cherished memories with the Marvel universe would never have existed in the same way.

A young Stan Lee began his path at Timely Comics, which soon blossomed into his very own Marvel Comics. As Editor-in-Chief, he was the backbone of much the web swinging youngster Spider-Man, Wakanda king Black Panther and the ever incredible X-Men, just to name a few. Since creation, these characters have already grown and we’ve been there to watch it all happen and be a part of.

People will recognise the visionary for a number of reasons and not just for his impact on comics. Renown for his entertaining and timely cameos in every MCU epic to-date (as well as ‘X-Men‘, ‘Deadpool’, ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Spider-Man’ films) he was a true believer in providing entertainment and happiness to others.

Not only was he the forefront of character creations, the films, comics, and pop culture depictions of his creations taught us that being different should not be a hindrance, but it should be embraced. Stan Lee brought mutants into the world and proved that no matter what your appearance or beliefs, good will always prevail.

It’s a devastating time for everyone who knew Stan Lee or even had the pleasure of being subject to his entertainment. He will forever be ‘The Man’ to hundreds and a truly beloved part of comic and film industries. His legend will always live on through the comics, films and characters, which will forever inspire people from all walks of life.

I would like to thank Stan Lee for everything he has contributed to masses of nerds and Marvel fans out there across the world; including myself. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.



Header Image: Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images