Hollywood Undead – PSALMS

Rap-rock quintet Hollywood Undead release new EP ‘PSALMS’

Californian enigmas HollywoodUndeadhave always been subject to change; a surprise drop of their new EP titled ‘PSLAMS’, almost comes to no surprise at all. Never afraid to push the boundaries of their own sound, the quintet back a return following their fifth studio album – aptly named ‘Five’– back in 2017. The EP emerges as a companion piece to the aforementioned record and proves to be a brilliant continuation of the vibes that were presented.

Anyone who’s been following Hollywood Undead for any amount of time can admit they are a band of many colours and dynamics. The five-piece took over the rap-rock scene over ten years ago with something unlike much out there at the time. Their sound varies between softer spoken vibes to harder rap, thanks to the altering vocals from each band member. It is because of this interesting blend they have developed that allows them to develop so much interest both in the rock communities and the rap scene.

Kicking off with a brand-new track ‘Bloody Nose’, the quartet keep it fairly low key with eerie synths and clean vocals. It’s a slow burner for a Hollywood Undead track, but can definitely grow on you. The track makes a suitable post-Halloween night soundtrack addition (if that’s something you like to create).

They continue with a slower pace with ‘Live Fast Die Young’, incorporating softly spoken choruses and rap styled accompaniments. It’s something the group have delved into before and may not show off their full-blown quirkiness but still proves to be an enjoyable addition to the EP.

The rap levels increase during ‘Something to Believe’. Despite their multitude of crude tracks with a more fun approach, what Hollywood Undead have consistently been good at is producing powerful ballad-like tracks. ‘Something to Believe’ turns into something quite beautiful, with soaring choruses and simple backing beats.

Regular business resumes with ‘Another Level’, complete with hoarse language and massive beat drops. It presents itself as a track that is bound to get you hyped up due to the intensity of the chorus hooks and vocal repetition. They bring the vibes right back down to end on previously released ‘Gotta Let Go’, which incorporates some vibes previously seen in popular 2011 single ‘Bullet’.

Hollywood Undead could easily be considered the ultimate marmite band; you either love or you hate them. This addition to their catalogue will also split many people’s opinions, but there is a little something for everyone within the five tracks. But if you can give them even a slight bit of a chance, ‘PSLAMS’ will prove to become a nice addition to their roster.