Seasonal – Weathered

Surrey four-piece Seasonal back their sophomore release a good one in the form of ‘Weathered’


Surrey-based quartet Seasonal made their debut last year with heartfelt pop-rock sounds in the form of EP ‘Bloom’. Their sophomore release is ‘Weathered’; a five-track bundle that continues right where they left off.

Released on October 12, 2018 on Undead Collective Records

The band began as a trio only a short two years ago and they’ve already grown into a solid line-up (now grown to four members) with plenty of finesse inspired by the likes of Jimmy Eat World. This new release continues to build on their mature sound that we’ve heard previously and adds a new collection of enticing vibes that will push them further. Their polished sound we are graced with in EP number two could be mistaken for album three of four.

The release kicks off with a prowess in the form of ‘Strangers’, featuring strong rhythms and pop-punk styled melodies. This is an incredibly pleasant balance they have crafted that will continue throughout the record.

The four-piece unveiled the debut single for the EP ‘Honestly’ earlier in the year with an accompanying video. The video – shot entirely in black and white – mirrors the straightforward approach that is centre stage in the lyrical direction. It is an honest approach that reflects the song title in the best possible way.

The magical guitar work and consistent tempos continue through the remainder of the EP. This kind of relaxed pop-punk style strays away from the regular style that has been over-saturated in recent years by the likes of State Champs and Neck Deep. Instead, the band sticks with a more classic rendition that will bring more appeal from older fans that enjoy laid-back pop-rock.

Weathered‘ is a very solid sophomore record that wets the appetite for a future full-length. There is plenty to get excited about with Seasonal – that was evident in their debut – and they fortify their own confidence in themselves. Seasonal are clearly making a step in the right direction following ‘Bloom’ and the future is looking summery.