The Faim – Summer Is A Curse

Aussie newcomers The Faim release their debut EP, ‘Summer Is A Curse’.

It feels like The Faim appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of 2018. Ever since, they have continued to hit the ground running, accumulating masses of fans across the UK alone. It has been one massive year for the Australians, who originally formed in 2014, they’ve taken on their debut tour and massive festival appearances at Slam Dunk, Download and Reading/Leeds as well as topping some Spotify charts with some brilliant single releases.

The tracks they chose to include on their debut release initiates with title track ‘Summer is a Curse’; an anthem that proves to be a brilliant start to entice listeners. This track has been and will surely continue to be the soundtrack to a lot of people’s summer, due to the energetic movements and swaying choruses; you just can’t help but sing and sway along.

Most recent single ‘A Million Stars’ is definitely a song of many sides. Firstly there’s a slight racy lyric pattern within the verses: “Pull my hair and she’s ready to go, pin me down and I’m ready to blow.” This is quickly removed when the piano comes in and Josh Raven’s soaring vocals completely switches the dynamics. It is a vibrant track with beautiful lyrics – particularly in the chorus – that is a sure crowd pleaser.

The emotion builds higher when ‘Make Believe’ comes along. There’s a simplicity that initiates the song and allows it to soar higher and higher as the drums and guitar join in. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch them on their round of performances this year, it is understandable you recognise some, if not all, of these tracks on the EP. Each song works wonders on the live stage; the breakdowns in ‘I Can Feel You’ in particular call out for a large audience to belt out at full volume in a packed out room.

My Heart Needs to Breathe’ has always stood as a firm favourite of mine since hearing it a number of times at the beginning of the Aussies’ set. The recorded track retains the interesting dynamics throughout the verses, which compliment the rap-styled vocals. The song takes a rapid power up when the choruses hit, proving to become another sing-a-long worthy anthem. The transition may come across as clunky to some, but alas I believe the juxtaposition between the two styles keeps the song fresh and vibrant.

Their loyal fan base have already noticed the lack of certain tracks from their debut EP. There was a slight commotion when many people noticed the lack of popular song ‘Infamous’ when the track listing was released. The fact that so many people have such high levels of excitement for a band’s first ever record even before it’s released is quite incredible and the group have embraced their popularity like champs.

Basically, if you’re already a Faim fan, this record is everything you’ve ever needed since you first witnessed their incredible live show. If you’re not a fan yet, give this EP a chance and they’ll change your mind in an instant and then get yourself down to one of their shows stat. The first release from the recently altered trio may not be a huge surprise for many that are already aware of the band, but that doesn’t take away any of the joy that it brings. These guys are destined for greatness and this is only their beginning.

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