Introducing… Reawaken

Formed in 2016, Southampton rockers Reawaken have a lot to offer the world already. There is a multitude of female prowess buzzing around the industry as of late. With the likes of Halestorm and Pvris leading the pack, it would be no surprise if Reawaken follow in their footsteps.

Early August saw the band release a brand new track ‘Don’t Run’ coming from their debut forthcoming EP ‘*monochrome*’. The track shows off a fierce attitude from vocalist Meg Parkinson and it is clear that these vocals have an edge that could push the band further than the rest of the saturation of new alt-rock in the scene. It is sure that if you are on the lookout for some strong female power in up-and-coming rock then Reawaken are a good shot.

There are some dark, Evanescence style vibes evident in the few tracks they have previously released, giving a glimpse for what is to come with their debut record, which is being self-released on 5 October 2018. The four tracked EP will surely show off more of their eerie originality and reel in more fans if ‘Don’t Run’ is anything to go by.

Inspired by a horde of differing, high powered influencers from the likes of Guns n’ Roses, Alter Bridge and Halestorm, the group are clearly keen to get their own niche into the genre. They’ve already shared the stage with headline acts Sumo Cyco, Courage My Love and Scarlett Riot so they just need a little bit more time and you’ll eventually see them taking the top spot for tour dates.


Reawaken will be performing their anticipated new material over their following tour dates:
31stAugust – Camden, The Unicorn
14thSeptember – Basingstoke, Irish Centre
21stSeptember – Southampton, The Joiners


Reawaken are:

Meg Parkinson – Vocals
Gill Lancashire – drums
Joe Fraser – Bass
Nathan Page – Lead Guitar
Matt Gregory – Rhythm Guitar



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