Top 18 Highlights of 2018 (So Far)

Some of my favourite films, albums, songs and gigs from the first half of 2018


Halfway through the year and I’m feeling like this is already turning out to be a pretty good un’ in terms of music and media. So many old favourites have been sharing their latest tracks throughout 2018, some awesome bands have put on awesome performances and we are being treated some some fantastic movies. It’s time to have a look back at what 2018 has offered so far.


All That Love Is — HalfNoise

Remedy – 30 Seconds to Mars

Actual Pain – Good Charlotte

Major System Error – Marmozets

Saints of the Sinners – The Faim

A very new band that has thundered onto everyone’s radar this year with their effortless energy and incredibly catchy tunes. I’ve had the pleasure to catch the Australian quartet three times during their first ever tour and festival appearances this year (Slam Dunk Fest, Lower Than Atlantis tour & Download); every time they bring a sense of belonging and maturity to their presence, despite their young age as a band. I’ve already said it time and time again, but these guys are going to go far and everyone knows it.

Letting You Go – Bullet For My Valentine

For me, Bullet came out of no where with this belter of a track. It’s been a while since the four-piece have come into the spotlight, following line-up changes and a somewhat disappointing fifth album but this track marked a shift in that mould.


Good Charlotte – Slam Dunk Festival, Midlands (28.05.18)

Dead! – Louisiana, Bristol (21.02.18)

Lower Than Atlantis – Komedia, Bath (9.04.18)

Foo Fighters – Firenze Rocks Festival, Italy (14.06.18)

In This Moment – Download Festival, Donington (10.06.18)

I feel like I’ve waited for the moment to finally see In This Moment for a number of years now. They’ve crept up on my radar for a while but never given me the urge to see them in the flesh. The chance to see them at one of my favourite UK festivals was just too appealing to miss out on and it may have been one of my best decisions I made that weekend. Not only is frontwoman Maria Brink an absolute beauty of a vocalist, she knows how to really put on a show. My only negative for this set was it just wasn’t long enough to truly get a real insight on the band; between all the costume changes and set alterations, there was only time for a brief selection of tracks. Come back to the UK soon!

Babymetal – Download Festival, Donington (09.06.18)

Oh wow. You may question the decision of including the Japanese metal band in my top spot but don’t question it until you witness their live show. A Babymetal performance is more than just a standard set during a festival line-up; it is a spectacle. Complete with visual performances, and plenty of brilliant tracks such as ‘Chocolate‘, ‘Karate‘, ‘Megitsune‘ and the latest release ‘Distortion‘, this set was everything I could’ve ever wanted.


Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice for None

Popes of Chillitown – Work Hard, Play Hard, See You in the Graveyard

Don Broco – Technology

The long awaited third album from Bedford bred four-piece Don Broco was a sure thing when it was finally shared to the world in February this year. ‘Technology’ really shows off the true DB sound that they have perfectly crafted over the years. There is so much intrigue and energy that you could easily listen to it on repeat for hours; which is exactly what I have done since it came out.


Dead! – The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

When Dead! came out with the debut (and sadly only) full-length record, it immediately shot up right into my top albums of all time. After discovering the London based quartet at Fat Lip Fest last year, it was love at first listen and I’ve already seen them three times since. ‘TGAONET’ was a genius record with plenty of spark and will forever bring me plenty of good memories.



Deadpool 2

Fun, witty and just as entertaining as the first edition. Ryan Reynolds makes his long-awaited return as our favourite foul mouthed, fourth-wall breaking hero and tackles love, devastation, friendship and kicking butt.

Deadpool 2 (2018) source: 20th Century Fox
Deadpool 2 (2018) source: 20th Century Fox

Avengers: Infinity War

One of my top films EVER. When the latest MCU epic was released earlier in the year, it immediately became my favourite from the universe so far. With so much action, suspense and massive twists, there was no way to know what was to happen to our beloved superheroes; making the film just that extra amazing to spectacle. Witnessing a bad guy win has never felt so incredible.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Avengers: Infinity War (2018) source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Banner image credits: Jess Boswell, Download Festival, Jenn Five, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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