Halfnoise – Flowerss EP

Paramore drummer Zac Farro releases a new solo EP ‘Flowerss’ just in time for Summer


The multi-instrumentalist and musical genius of many coats Zac Farro eyed up a solo project following his departure from successful rein at Paramore with brother and fellow member Josh. First dubbed as a duo project back in 2010 titled Tunnel, there has been quite a few drastic changes to Halfnoise to make it the one-manned show we see it as now.

Released on May 4, 2018 on Congrats! Records

I’ve said it before, but Zac Farro continues to prove me right when I say he never seems to stop. Paramore have been busy bees following the release of their poppier acclaim ‘After Laughter’, with new music videos appearing right and left and four big tours announced across the world in the space of a year. The astonishing remark lays in their returning drummer and front man of growing side-project Halfnoise and his ability to continue to produce wonderful content in between the Paramore excitement.

Half noise has become quite a diverse and rewarding project for the Tennessee bred man-of-many-talents. Previous EP ‘The Velvet Face’ – only released last year – was a step in the right direction as Farro really found his niche; collecting mellow vibes and guitars to result in strong, unique sounds of tranquility. The second EP saw Farro grow tremendously in confidence when comparing to earlier full-length releases like ‘Sudden Feeling’and the atmospheric ‘Volcano Crowe’. The confidence stands the test of time with follow up EP ‘Flowerss’, bursting with personality and distinctive pride.

It’s impossible not to adore the quirkiness of Halfnoise, which can be seen distinctively in title track and debut single from the record ‘Flowerss’ and the video that accompanies it. There’s a magical sense of colour evident when experiencing the jangly tones and vibrating guitars throughout the track that have simply been brought to life in the visual accompaniment. Such a journey of sonic psychedelic-pop is one that is considered a treat when it is provided by such an expert in music exploration as Farro has become.

She Said’ starts off with steady driving beats which then grows into something even more magical. The melancholy sensations reeling from Farro’s vocals continues to compliment the upbeat grooves in the following tracks of the EP; particularly evident in ‘She Said’ as there is a chaos of sounds as the song winds down towards an end. The more you listen to the track, the more you discover and unravel from the remarkable chaos. With a heartfelt message to not overthink love and miss what is already right in front of you, the track seems to have it all.

Firm favourite from the release ‘All That Love Is‘ brings together all the elements of Halfnoise in one petite package of greatness. The rhythms are contagious and make you unknowingly bop along with the percussions and the choruses make you wish you were in a tropical paradise far away. It even sees a return of the spoken French addition previous heard in ‘French Class‘. A wonderful one-minute intermission lays at the halfway point, romantically titled ‘InterLuau’. It simply breaks up the tempos of the differing tracks and prepares the listener for more.

This EP has dropped in prime time for summer relaxations and will truly flourish in the warmer months. The wonderful danceable chimes have been brought over from ‘The Velvet Face’ and given a newer lease of love; the complete contrast from previous Paramore work is what makes Halfnoise such an interesting project to keep an eye on. With every track demonstrating a fresh outlook, this is a record that will be on repeat for a long time.

My review of precursory ‘The Velvet Face’ can be found on the Broken Arrow Mag website.



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