Oxbloods – Collisions

Taking a look at Manchester’s very own alt-rockers Oxbloods’ debut record ‘Collisions’


Formed only two years ago as a result of a couple of guys jamming at University and began to form the foundations of Oxbloods. After the addition of the final members and some extensive songwriting, the quintet are ready and raring to take on their bustling music scene and share their debut record ‘Collisions‘ with the world.

Self-released on April 20, 2018

An intro track for some albums or EPs may seem fruitless in most cases, but when the initial track from Oxbloods seven track creation (aptly titled ‘Intro‘) comes into play, it is a whole new story. The tranquil one minute track may not be much in terms of content, but it speaks volumes and plays it’s part beautifully. They then go on to display a rollercoaster of emotion and energy, with ‘Alpha‘ providing the same level of emotion in an entirely new light of pounding drums, vibrant rhythms and soaring vocals.

Their debut single taken from the album, ‘Clinton‘ truly does show off Oxbloods at their best. Following a companionship gone sour, the track does prove to be exactly what the group intended in a debut; a brilliant prelude for the band and what is to come in the future. The guitars are enticing right from the get go and the backing cowbell brings a whole new life to the steady beats during the verses. They explode into the chorus with ringing sounds that will stick in your head for a long time.

Imbue‘ is a track that I would never want to come to an end. The intro, similarly to their initial track, provides a serene stillness, relatable to the likes of certain Bring Me The Horizon. When the vocals kick in, the composed rhythms maintain, complimenting a melancholic atmosphere. When the track comes to an abrupt end, it just leaves the listener wanting more. It is a contrasting side to the group, but one which is incredibly desired for.

If you’re looking for the freshest bunch of alternative rock to grace the scene over recent years then look no further than Oxbloods. They have plenty of spark and masses of energy for what they create. The unmistakable resemblance to the alluring vocals and instrumentals from Young Guns may get them plenty of recognition. And rightly so. But these guys are more than just a comparison; they have so much energy and spark that makes them an exciting band to keep an eye on in the coming years.



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