Introducing… Creature of Habit

Chester alt-rock trio Creature of Habit set to release their follow-up track to their 2017 debut EP.


Creature of Habit are a three-piece alt-rock outfit who are making their presence clear in their hometown and surrounding areas following their debut EP release and succession of successful shows with the likes of Press to Meco, Emp!re and Grumble Bee. Their new single marks their return with a series of local shows to coincide.

Some bands jump straight into producing music soon after forming their unit. Chester based trio Creature of Habit took an alternate route and spent a solid year after their formation in late 2015 to form their sound and craft their brand. They made their initial mark on the alt-rock scene in 2017 with the release of their debut EP ‘ Horizons‘, which provided a glimpse into what they have built in the previous years.

They wasted no time in developing their follow up sounds and are ready to release the latest single ‘Weight in Gold‘ on 23 February 2018. They compliment the new single with a weekend of release shows in their hometown and surrounding areas and there is no doubt that the group will only continue to spread the new vibes across the rest of the UK in due time.

The group follow in the footsteps of their influences – and fellow three-piece successes – Biffy Clyro and Muse with vibrant guitars riffs and softly spoken vocals that entice audiences in for more. Over time, they are already making bold new sounds that only continue to solidify their developed material. Despite being less than a year since their debut, ‘Weight in Gold‘ is already shaping up to be their strongest release to date and it promises big things for their future. 

Creature of Habit are shaping up to follow the likes of Twin Atlantic and Moose Blood with their easy listening alt-rock style. With BBC Introducing Merseyside on board and new music to grace our ears very soon, it is truly looking bright for this trio.

Creature of Habit are:

Joe – Guitars & Vocals
Liam – Bass
Danny – Drums & Vocals




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