Don Broco – Technology

Taking a look at the long-awaited third album from Bedford sensations Don Broco.


The long awaited third album from British indie/pop-rock sensations Don Broco has finally hit and it truly is something special for the quartet. It has been a long time coming for the group as they’ve already gone through a rollercoaster of a year previous. ‘Technology‘ marks something new for the group and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the ride.

Some bands take years and numerous albums before finding a niche in the rock genre. Don Broco have smashed that previous idea and instead continue to bend the genre in numerous ways again and again in whichever way they imagine. After hearing a large quantity of the tracks before release, one could presume they’ve heard it all; but ‘Technology‘ proves them all wrong and provides an abundance of original and unexpected tracks from start to finish.

This album may need a few listens at first but will soon have you hooked. The four-piece have truly produced a remarkable collection of tunes that will persistently keep you on your toes when listening. It is their largest record to date, that manages to retain your interest throughout the 16 tracks. They cover relatable, current topics from the effects of Brexit in ‘Porkies‘, addressing personal security in ‘Good Listener’ as well as their experiences with the music industry in the brilliantly sarcastic ‘Come Out of LA‘.

They kick off with the title track ‘Technology’: a thumping rendition to the modern social media trends and the effects of tech domination. The pop infused ‘Come Out to LA‘ shows off the true vocal talents of drummer Matt Donnelly as he takes centre stage for a large majority of the track. A slightly remastered version of ‘Pretty‘ follows. Nearing the halfway point, ‘The Blues‘ manifests to display the sheer diversity of vocalist Rob Damiani’s talents on the mic. They continue and bring back ‘Everybody‘, which was first heard back in 2016; only a brief spell following their sophomore record ‘Automatic‘.

Following some of the familiarities, the remainder of the album brings surprising twists and turns that come across as quite unusual during a first listen. Once you give them a bit of time though, tracks like ‘Something to Drink‘ and ‘Good Listener‘ do catch on and you soon realise you’ve had it on repeat for the last few hours. With these tracks, you can’t help but embrace the melodic “oohs” and “ahhs” and ultimately sing along with lyrics “I turn my Google on, up it pops buy some chilli con carne” at the top of your lungs.

A top contention for top track from the latest additions to the album would be in the form of ‘Greatness‘. This is a song that defies all limits in the pop-rock/indie genre that Don Broco generally find themselves in. They introduce a groove that plays tribute to past glories with ‘Superlove‘ but propels to a whole new level with the addition of a funky cowbell and softly keyboard progressions. What makes this tune a special addition to the record is the breakdown that is beautifully executed from Matt Donnelly, taking a brief moment to take down the tempo for an enchanting change of atmosphere.

My second contender for best track from the unheard releases would surely be ‘¥‘, featuring an impossibly contagious chorus of harmonious vocals and vibrating guitars. The vibrant and courageous impressions from ‘Blood in the Water‘ simply solidifies the belief that this album is bursting with single-worthy progressions.

There is so much depth and intrigue to this release that I could discuss the details for ages. It marks a new age for the Bedford quartet and it is surely going to be an incredibly exciting year to follow. Don Broco don’t hold back with their third full-length album and they’re not afraid to pull out all the stops to prove that they like to take risks and bask in the glory of what they have produced. It is a non-stop fun album that is primed and ready for their upcoming live performances.


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