Glass Mountain – Wow and Flutter EP

Bradford indie newbies Glass Mountain sets to release their sophomore EP.


Formed only a short two years ago, Bradford based quartet Glass Mountain bring a poetic stance on melody and music progression. Following their debut EP release of ‘Glacial’ in their fundamental year and a brilliant year for growth 9n 2017, they are ready to bring forth the anticipated follow up ‘Wow and Flutter‘ in February.

Released on February 2nd, 2018 on Hide & Seek Records

The beauty of music is that there is always something available for every mood you find yourself in. Rock and fast-paced alternative can be a relish for good or sometimes even angry moods. When feeling sombre or calm, it would be a prime time to check out Glass Mountain; their steady tempos and echoing vocals touch your soul and take you far away on a carpet made of clouds.  

The four track EP kicks off with their previously released single ‘Gin Flows Through My Veins‘, bursting with a increasing crescendo to initiate dream-like guitars and jingly drum beats. The group are clearly inspired by dream pop and electronica influences, with incredibly delicate instrumental notes and progressions.

They bring the record down to a calming conclusion with ‘Have to Lie‘; a track which embellishes an incredibly soothing atmosphere. It really compliments an evening relaxing by candlelight.  The tracks take me back to early Halfnoise from 2012-2014 when Zac Farro and Jason Clark took a new approach to their music with reams of inter-changing melodies and ambient sounds.

Their casual indie vibes are complimented in visual format with their videos beautifully created by Sodium Films. With enigmatic shots and their own press shots taken on film, the group clearly have a fondness over the classic simplicity of music and media. The consistency across visual and audio is an accomplishment for any band and it truly works wonders for Glass Mountain.

The four-piece are certainly heading in the right direction with this sophomore release. They have established their place in music and fully intend on continuing down their path with incredible confidence.



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