Get Out (2017)

A dark depiction of a family gathering gone wrong.

A young African-American travels with his white girlfriend to her parents’ house to meet them for the first time. Their polite nature soon takes a turn as he finds out that they are not all what they seem.

– contains spoilers –

For a long time, Get Out took over 2017. It was deemed to be a apt and timely for modern society, showing off cultural observations with an ambitious approach. From the get-go, there is something suspicious going on at the Armitage home. It is a horror movie that keeps you on your toes at all times; but you’re never 100% sure why and that’s what makes it something special. The suspense is supported by the eerie music that kicks off every time a shady character comes into the frame.

Accomplished Debut

Directed by one half of duo renowned for their comedy – Key and Peele – this debut shows off something a lot different to what has been produced from Jordan Peele previously.  For a debut into feature film directing, it is a triumph. There is encouraging sense of accomplishment and steady reassurance, like they have been making these kinds of films for years.

The characters are interesting in different forms. We have our protagonist Chris, brilliantly portrayed by rising-star Daniel Kaluuya, who we are constantly nervous for as he delves deeper into the family’s dark secrets. His girlfriend, Rose, may just be the only one in the house that we think believes in Chris’ crazy assumptions about the family and their suspicious black servants. Our opinions are shattered when it is soon revealed that she was along in the act all alone, when she makes a change that makes her a totally different character; almost unrecognisable to what we have once seen. We are tricked into believing that Rose and Chris have genuine chemistry, which makes the twist all the more impressive.

source: Universal Pictures
source: Universal Pictures

When things take a turn for the worse for our targeted protagonist, the actions turn ludicrous, but we endorse all of Chris’ choices. He acts quickly and instinctively, as the people he has been around has been conspiring against him and his ‘fellow brothers’ this whole time. The ability to make a character so likeable in such a short space of time in a film is always an achievement, but add more realistic horrors of the real world – namely the slavery and racism plots running through – and we have all-too-true representation of modern horror.

Worth the Hype

This thriller is surely worth all the hype it has continued to receive since its release back in March last year (UK). It forms a permanent mark in your mind; you won’t stop thinking about it for a few days after watching, despite not knowing exactly why it has made such an impact. Tense, interesting and has the ability to keep you on your toes, Get Out is surely an essential watch in contemporary cinema.



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