Top 17 Gigs of 2017

A brilliant year for gigs results in quite a end-of-year list featuring some cracking bands and festivals

After a pretty dismal year for concerts in 2016, I hit back with a massive bang and booked gig after gig to get back into the scene. This year was a whirlwind of festivals, press gigs and stadium concerts, witnessing the likes of rock giants Guns n’ Roses, metal titans Iron Maiden and Metallica and some of my favourites of all time including Lower Than Atlantis, Paramore and Don Broco. Alongside existing favourites, I also discovered some amazing new talent through the months and got to witness some great events of the year. It’s time to go through some of the top nights that will stick with me for a long time.

17. Bowling For Soup – Slam Dunk Festival, Midlands (27.05.17)

16. Anti-Flag – Fireball Tour, Bristol (12.10.17)

15. Popes of Chillitown – Winterfest, Cheltenham (28.01.17)

14. Sum 41 – Download Festival, Donington (09.06.17)

13. Metallica – Genting Arena, Birmingham (30.10.17)

12. Shinedown – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham (21.05.17)

= Iron Maiden – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham (21.05.17)

10. Biffy Clyro – Download Festival, Donington (10.06.17)

9. Muse – Reading Festival, Reading (27.08.17)

8. Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – 2000 Trees Festival, Upcote (07.07.17)

7. Don Broco – Slam Dunk Festival, Midlands (27.05.17)

6. Guns n’ Roses – London Stadium, London (16.06.17)

5. Madina Lake – Slam Dunk Festival, Midlands (27.05.17)

4. Dead! – Fat Lip Festival, Bristol (29.07.17)

3. Good Charlotte – Download Festival, Donington (09.06.17)

They are most of my entire childhood and finally getting to see classic GC tracks like ‘The Anthem‘, ‘Girls & Boys‘ and my all-time favourite ‘The River‘, was a really special moment for the teenager in me. It was clear that the Maryland quintet were having an incredible time on stage, marking their first ever appearance at Download Festival.


2. Paramore – Colston Hall, Bristol (21.06.17)

Well of course Paramore had to make an appearance in the top three. The struggle to get tickets was quite a strenuous task but it all proved to be worthwhile in the end. The building was sauna-level hot, but that didn’t stop the trio from providing a wonderful evening of new and old tracks – and even a sneaky new Halfnoise number. Despite being right at the back of the – granted, intimate – room, I was loving every song and every minute of their performance. Seeing them on such a small stage, compared to what they previously do, is something that will stick with me for a long time.


1. Lower Than Atlantis – 2000 Trees Festival, Upcote (08.07.17)

What a performance this was. They brought out all of the stops and all of their greatest tracks to sing along with. There was inflatable crocodiles and flower crowns everywhere and the entertainment didn’t cease for their entire set. The crowd was eager for tracks like ‘Emily‘, ‘Here We Go‘ and ‘Boomerang‘ and the band didn’t disappoint; covering some of their newest material from ‘Safe In Sound‘ and earlier content to appeal to the long-stay fans. It was everything I wanted from them and more, as they proved that a festival environment does them wonders.



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