Anewrage – Evesham Iron Road 30.06.17

Reviewing the hard rock group Anewrage’s live performance in Evesham 30.06.17

Italian hard rockers round up their six date UK tour in the local music pub in Evesham. Following the release of their fully packed latest album ‘Life-Related Symptoms back in April’, the quartet are eager to see what the UK has to offer. Formed back in 2009, the group have centered around their local areas with their enticing sound, constructed from unifying post-grunge and hard-rock metal: and the result is thrilling.

Their set is clearly well thought through, with diverse tracks that focuses on the new album releases as well as still considered their older sounds of aggressive metal influences. Their presence is relentless on stage; despite the somewhat small surroundings, there is plenty of energy and affection for their music and what they do. Their fillers between songs are interesting and keeps the audience hooked, keeping up a brilliant façade that represents their sound and image consistently.

Tracks like ‘Outside’ are hard-hitting and have plenty of character around the choruses. Pounding beats are prominent and they waste no time to propel into following tracks such as ‘Upside Down’, which is packed full of contagious rhythms that interchange flawlessly: really showcasing their impressive ability to work as a unit. They bring the set to a close with echoing vocals and final electric exit that constructs a trancing tone for them to finally finish on.

Their set is followed up by the headline act for the evening: female fronted quartet Syteria. Based in Leeds, the group usher plenty of attitude and sass with them when they get on stage. The tracks are diverse with a sound that reflects their bold image wonderfully, featuring tracks from their May released album ‘Rant O Bot’.


It’s safe to say that after this splendid display of passionate vocals and wonderfully associating instrumentals that Anewrage mean business: showing off their resilience and sheer prowess for their music. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, you should really look into it. As it is their first time touring the UK, let’s hope it will begin to be the first of many trips for the Italian group.


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