Fat Lip Fest Preview

With Fat Lip already being a popular name in the South West due to the ever growing alt-rock night taking place every month, it is welcoming to see the brand take a new direction with the formation of the all-day festival taking place for the first time on the 29th July 2017. They’ve already secured a diverse lineup of high caliber bands ranging from Young Guns in their well-deserved headliner slot to fresh pop-punkers ROAM and heavier rockers Feed the Rhino; this fest is already shaping up to be a little something for everyone. I take a deeper peek into the full lineup and present some of the ones to be looking out for on the day.

Young Guns

Young Guns first came on the radar back in 2009 and the quartet have continued to flood our ears with massive tunes. Now, they are making a touring comeback over the summer following a period of writing new material and the band are now itching to take on a multitude of UK festivals, with Fat Lip being just one amongst the likes of 2000 Trees and Victorious Festival. With their fourth album under their belts, they are taking on Fat Lip with a hefty back catalogue to explore during their hour long set at Bristol’s Bierkeller. They are definitely making up for lost time by filling their touring schedule to the brim for the year with a massive headline tour coming in September as well as supporting the mighty Lower Than Atlantis back in March.


WSTR makes a double appearance through the day, giving fans even more chance to witness their pop-punk anthems in full glory. As well as their Fireball stage full-band appearance, they also will be taking the time to slow things down during their headline acoustic performance over at The Lanes Alvarez stage. It’s safe to say there’s no excuse for missing these rising stars do what they do best!


If you think Fat Lip is just going to be a pop-punk fest, then you are quite mistaken. There is a multitude of alternate rock genres across the board that gives a pleasant concoction of sounds that everyone can take time to enjoy. For something more exciting, look no further than London based Dead!. With brand new track ‘Up for ran$om’ fresh from release this week, the quartet are more than ready to take on the crowds of Bristol Bierkeller. One very exciting band on the rock scene with lots of spark and should not be avoided – particularly for those who missed out on their Download performance earlier in the year.


For those looking for a bit of girl power, Greywind is the band for you. Taking their mellow indie tracks to the acoustic stage during the day will sure to get you feeling masses of emotions.

The festival may be starting small, but they’ve still accomplished great things in their first year with a distinguished lineup to showcase. The response has seemed to gone down exceedingly well as ticket sales have continued to increase ready to introduce a mass crowd to three stages spanning around Bristol city Centre. They pride themselves on the local scene of bands and businesses from Bristol’s own Beyond Recall and Syren City as well as Bath’s Montroze and Swindon’s renowned All Ears Avow all due to make appearances. It is definitely one to get excited about and keep in the radar for future years.

Full Line-up:

Fireball Stage @ Bristol Bierkeller

High Down 13:15

Homewrecked 13:55

Sweet Little Machine 14:45

Straight Lines 15:35

Shvpes 16:30

Dead! 17:30

WSTR 18:30

Blood Youth 19:30

Roam 20:45

Young Guns 22:00

Adams Stage @ Bristol The Lanes

As Flames Rise 13:00

All Ears Avow 13:40

Continents 14:20

Foes 15:10

Empire 16:00

Holding Absence 17:00

Create to Inspire 18:00

As Lions 19:00

Devil Sold His Soul 20:00

Feed the Rhino 21:15

Alvarez Acoustic Stage @ Bristol The Lanes

Luke Rainsford 14:45

Montroze 15:35

Syren City 16:30

Beyond Recall 17:30

Grumble Bee 18:30

Greywind 19:30

WSTR 20:45



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