Let’s Talk About… Eurovision

Listing some of my favourite songs from previous Eurovision Song Contests

Top 10 Eurovision Tracks

With the 2018 grand final of Eurovision just round the corner, I’ve gone and looked at some of my old favourites from previous years to get myself back in the mood. It was a pretty tough list, as there actually are some decent songs scattered about the last few years, so the order that these have been put in is pretty vague. Just as a disclaimer – these are just my own opinion; i’d love to hear others, so don’t hesitate to comment below!

I was on ToneRadio on Wednesday 10th May 2017 at 6pm-8pm for an awesome Eurovision special, it can be found online now (show 27).

10. Jamie-Lee – Ghost (Germany 2016)

There wasn’t much that caught my attention during last years final. But this brightly coloured German was both eye-catching on stage and had a heavenly voice complimenting the pounding beat pretty well.

9. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland 2006)

I had to include this. As an appreciator of rock and metal, this was such a refreshing addition to the Eurovision final. Although I wasn’t actually watching the contest back in 2006, it was impossible not to acknowledge the brilliant song and the fact it even won the contest for Finland.

8. Ann Sophie – Black Smoke (Germany 2015)

It does appear that Germany seems to be a consistent favourite of mine each year. Ann Sophie‘s performance was simple but so compelling and has a darker tone behind it which most Eurovision songs don’t seem to have very often.

7. Nina Sublatti – Warrior (Georgia 2015)

Coated in black and feathers, Nina Sublatti was definitely quite the contrasting spectacle from the rest of the contestants. Not only that, she also has quite the powerful voice. Seems like a win win situation in my opinion, and even got a decent amount of points in the final, placing Georgia in the top middle of the results table

6. Seabalter – Hunter of Stars (Switzerland 2014)

Back when Eurovision 2014 was aired, this track took a firm top spot for me, as I cheered on Switzerland while whistling maniacally during the results section of the show. It is a cheery track that never quite fails to make me a little bit happier every time I hear it, and the guys genuinely look like they’re having a blast while performing it.

5. Carl Espen – Silent Storm (Norway 2014)

Now I’m not usually one to thoroughly enjoy slower jams, particularly when on Eurovision, but Carl Espen’s wonderful voice just captivated me completely. I still firmly believe that 2014 was one of my favourite years, with so many decent songs across the board, but this just makes me feel all the things.

4. MaNga – We Could Be The Same (Turkey 2010)

2010 was one of the first years I listened to all of the final, but there was only one song that truly caught my attention at that time. The rock infused group seemed to have come out of nowhere and I’m so glad they did as they put on a Muse-esque performance even featuring an abundance of pyrotechnics and a moving robot.. what more could you need?

3. Emmelie De Forest – Only Teardrops (Denmark 2013)

This year was a bit of a nothing year for me, but the winner was in fact something really good and came in the form of the wonderful voiced Emmelie De Forest. Her succeeding song, which she performed at the 2014 event ‘Rainmaker‘ was also very good.

2. Lena – Satellite (Germany 2010)

I already mentioned previously how there was only one song that really caught my attention during the 2010 event, which is true to some extent. It was after the night finished and the winner was revealed when I started to grow a fondness for Lena. The winner had a contagious twang to her voice that has been coupled with a incredibly catchy backing track and harmonies, resulting in something you just can’t help but admire.

1. Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes (Sweden 2015)

Top spot was such an obvious choice for me. Two years ago, Måns Zelmerlöw went and won the competition for Sweden with an incredibly catchy track that was accompanied by a mesmerising solo stage performance. This may be the only year that I actually fully agreed with the winner on the night, the song still gives me goosebumps from time to time.

Here’s to another awesome night for the 2018 Eurovision grand finals, which can be seen on Saturday 12th May on BBC at 8pm here in the UK.

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  1. Haha yay Sweden!!! We take Eurovision very seriously, maybe a little too serious actually 😂 I’ve been really bad at watching it this year though…

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