Introducing… Superfecta

New single ‘Mannequin’ from London based heavy rock band Superfecta is out now

Introducing Superfecta

Formed back in late 2012, London based Superfecta are making a return after a two-year break for reorganisation. The hard rock five-piece released their newest single ‘Mannequin’ on the 8th May, which sets to be the first insight into their next album release, which follows up from their full-length debut ‘Primal Instinct’ from 2014.

After signing with DMR in the middle of last year, and going through slight line-up changes, it is clear that the group are now ready to take on the world and spread their refined sound across the globe. Having already gained exposure on numerous stations in the US, Superfecta are set to grace across stages in the UK later in the month and ready themselves for the release of even more new material.

Their latest track ‘Mannequin’ is a solid return for the group, as they deliver a meatier and more matured sound from that in their previous releases. With influences of grunge groups such as Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, it is clear where they wanted to go with this track. The vocals from Roberto Negrini reminisce to the likes of Alice in Chains and Volbeat, which progresses into an increase of pitch later in the choruses; allowing the song to break off and adapt to new dynamics.

The track features pounding bass riffs throughout and incredibly catchy riffs that hook you in right from the start. The bouncy rhythm and brimming tempos are primed and ready for full volume in a packed, sweaty room. There is a very raw talent in the new track, while still maintaining a polished and intricate approach that deems extremely successful for the group.

After this release, there is every reason to get excited for more from the Brit-rockers. They set out on the road from the 24th of May, bringing along Germany’s Cunning Mantrap and Belgium’s 10 Rogue, starting in their hometown of London. These guys are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Superfecta are:

Roberto Negrini – Vocals

Danun  Todd – Guitar

Prime Brown – Guitar

Carl Highman – Bass

Matthew Vella – Drums


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