Introducing… The Jackobins

The new single from Liverpool based quartet the Jackobins ‘Nightfire’ is released today, and its a cracker!

Introducing the Jackobins

Liverpool founded quartet the Jackobins may have gone through some line-up changes over the last couple of years, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting down to business and creating brand new, fresh music ready to be admired by many. Their newest track ‘Nightfire’ is released today and brings forth a new, raw energy that is sure to excite fans of alt-rock.

With such positive responses for their previous EP ‘Ghosts’ – released back in 2014 – it is understandable to get excited for new material from these Liverpool legends. ‘Nightlife’ is a different approach in sound, yet works astoundingly well at hooking the you and soon enough encourages you to hit replay over and over again.

The track establishes a prelude of hypnotising keys accompanied by pounding drum rhythms and melodic guitar backings that unite together wonderfully. And it doesn’t just end there. As it progresses, the tone changes, throwing you yet another set of compelling tempos and melodies in the chorus.

Jackobins Cover sans Type-01

Their influences are prominent in their music. From older grunge hints from Nirvana or Pearl Jam to more classic alt-rock similar to the likes of the Pixies and Fleetwood Mac. With such a broad spectrum of influences, the group have manifested a unique and highly infectious blend of indie alt-rock that entices you in to then explode with contagious energy.

It is easy to see that these guys are set and ready for potential stadium-level glory, living up to the likes of the 1975 with hints of Fall Out Boy vocals from Dominic Bassnett. The group are already making a solid name for themselves in their hometown, it is just now down to the rest of the world to catch up and take notice.

Check out the track:

The Jackobins are:

Dominic Bassnett – Vocals
Veso – Guitar
Tom Donoghue- Bass
Sean Burns – Drums


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