Neverise – Painted Gold

Taking a look at Brit Alt-rockers Neverise’s debut EP ‘Painted Gold’

EP Review

Brit Alt-rockers Neverise are making a strong name for themselves after the recent release of debut EP ‘Painted Gold’. Hailing from South Derbyshire, the five-piece have taken a freshly branded approach after their changes in line-up.

Formally known as Follow You Home, the group have altered their sound and settled down with vocalist Jessica Matthews to generate some of their strongest songs to date. Now, with their music set in motion, they are ready to dominate the world with their crowd-pleasing sounds. The group have already taken shows supporting Evarose earlier this year: the all-female quartet who share a similar alt-rock approach to their music.

The EP kicks off with opener ‘My Apologies’, wasting no time to get stuck right in and show everyone what they have to offer. They produce a mesmerising fabrication of energy-filled structures and classic rock solos, comparable to the likes of female-fronted Halestorm. There’s plenty of expertise shining through tracks like the title track ‘Painted Gold’, still allowing it to be easy to listen to and thus easy to thoroughly enjoy.

The newbie vocals from Matthews echo throughout the tracks, similarly to Altered Sky who also incorporate soulful sounds in a similar fashion. This brilliantly creates hypnotic emotion to accompany the steady drum rhythm and rich, riff progressions; together, these elements conform to a very, well-defined sound for the quintet. Her softer lyrics are evident particularly in ‘Self-Destruction Lover’ and ‘Chasing Your Mind’, which entices slower, ballad-type advancements.


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