Green Room (2016)

A punk rock band take a controversial gig that leads to an unexpected fight for survival in thriller feature ‘Green Room’

Film Review

Following a succession of unfortunate circumstances, a four piece punk rock band are close to giving up on life on the road. But when information on a potential gig in a secluded part of Oregon comes to their attention, they take it as their only shot for restoration. After a heated performance, the members unintentionally encounter a brutal act. Witnessing unwanted circumstances results in the friends situated in a ambush ruse, trapped in the backstage green room. The group are compelled to work together with a fellow witness, in a fight for their survival against the venue owner and his crew.

An indie movie proving to provide thrill and exploits of intense siege. Quick to establish the protagonists, this particular bunch of youths are driven by their passion of music coupled with a desperate need for cash. With nonchalant, go-with-the-flow attitudes they pursue an unfamiliar scene for their next shot on stage, evidently leading them into deep trouble they never considered would arise.

Green Room (2016) - source: Broad Green Productions
Green Room (2016) – source: Broad Green Productions

The aura and establishment of the environment is purely gripping. With a constant sensation that puts the audience on edge, events escalate dramatically in surroundings that prove to stabilise a persona of it’s own. Essentially, it is the backstage room itself that holds the protagonist role, not the band members or even the antagonist force driven from Patrick Stewart. Having a large proportion of the feature centred in that one room may demonstrate levels of frustration at times, which is partly due to how they consistently return to this one isolated, impractical chamber. Despite this, the consistency does provide a well grounded central point for the plot developments.

The environment is eerily naturalistic, with a seemingly common situation taken astray which only adds further levels of shock for viewers. The moments of still that are added amongst the action produce a false sense of calm, particularly during the first few scenes. This then turns into unnerving visuals, in which makes the audience feel on edge for the characters.

Along with that, we also experience a brief look into our protagonist group before the events begin to unfold, adding depth to their unruly fate. The information that is shared only briefly covers each of the characters, with no true leading protagonist so in fact helps to add questions surrounding who dies. The gore and violence induce cringe worthy reactions, presenting effective results for what was intended.

It’s an unusual narrative which is never quite fully understood, yet this further develops the mystery and interesting feature to view. We witness the antagonist personas conspiring amongst themselves, talking about unspecified matters that doesn’t quite make sense – such as the ‘red laces’; yet this doesn’t distract from the enjoyment. These seemingly violent characters are led by Patrick Stewart, ready to give out orders left right and centre. It’s a superficial claim to keep them unharmed, yet he manages to manipulate the situation in his favour.

An intense thriller, not one that usually drawn towards. Yet the environment, tone and overall character personas kept me gripped to the story throughout.


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