Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Two beloved DC heroes come together in the highly anticipated, comic adaptation of ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Film Review

Edit Published on – 6th April 2016

Zach Snyder’s provides his second rendition into the superhero world in the form of his familiar Man of Steel encountering the Caped Crusader of Gotham in a rivalry of morals and justice. Citizens of Metropolis emerge conscious of the destruction Superman has brought to their city, and are now striving for protectorship they deserve against the evil of the world. Bruce Wayne shares the concerns of the city, after witnessing the effects of the Krypton originating alien from ground level view. Wayne is fastened with a vengeance to put an end to this reckless demolition, whist Clark Kent himself is becoming more aware of an additional threat in the form of the somewhat unhinged Lex Luthor. Vast plans unfold and the two heroes are forced into confrontation and subsequently required to unite against the perils Luthor provides to the duo.

(Contains spoilers to plot)

Two giants of the DC cinematic universe collide in an epic escapade of obliteration and over-exaggerated effects that are seen as somewhat unnecessary a large portion of the time. Following Snyder’s initial attempt at portraying Superman in Man of Steel, this feature also demonstrates a high level of decimation of the surroundings – an element that is typically irregular for Batman’s personality. The Dark Knight is naturally a man of shadowy brutality, yet the existence of Superman alongside brings out more instincts of dangerous rage that can be considered as largely out of character.

Overall, the lasting coalition of the two esteemed figures in the feature fabricates a lack of focal point, disallowing any kind of focus around either of the protagonists. The audience is exposed to origin of Batman – a visual that we have all witnessed before in many different spectacles previous – along with a general introduction to Ben Affleck’s rendition of Batman’s persona.

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Family Ties

Effectively, this attempting epic collision of beloved characters carries many questions and thus imparts problems and flaws that critics and fans alike have vocalised across many other reviews and articles. Personally, when viewing the motion picture, the main predicament that seemed to grace over and consequently allow the plot to slump was the reasoning behind the ensuing alliance between the two rivalries. Following the reveal of a common family connection, Batman is they swayed away from his initial intentions to rid the city of the Man of Steel and alternatively assist him in putting a stop to the crazed Luthor and his overpowered experiment. A seemingly lacklustre reasoning behind a sudden change in story development demonstrates exactly how mundane the overall premise of the full feature turns out to be. As a two and a half hour feature, the audience is still having to sustain uninspired attention through battles that ultimately have no concise or concrete motive fortifying them.

Considering the additional supporting figures, there are some favourable additions accompanied by other tiresome occurrences appearing alongside the duo. Lois Lane, portrayed by Amy Adams establishes herself as a typical female burden to our hero. In attempts to demonstrate Superman’s tough and heroic attributes, he goes out to rescue his very own damsel in distress on multiple occasions after she manages to find herself in unfortunate situations. Irritatingly, Superman desperately goes out to immediately liberate his beloved, even despite her own doubt towards his true superhero status when she’s still distinct in his life.

Jesse Eisenberg stands out as an unhinged persona, capable of commentaries and ventures even the Bat’s very own crazed, clown adversary would be proud of. He does generate a darker tone to Superman of which we wouldn’t usually witness, but thus provides a coherent association between him and his Dark Knight rival protagonist.

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Forwarding towards more positive outlooks on the epic feature, we can still acknowledge the overall appearance of the aesthetics and visual aspects. Gotham and Metropolis alike, glisten when shown on screen. The introductory appearance of Ben Affleck as our beloved Dark Knight provides a reassuring performance that settle individual queries regarding the replacement of Christian Bale – even through some audience members may not want to let go of the outstanding performance of the former bat. Appearing to fitfully overshadow Henry Cavill’s charming Superman at times, Affleck’s bat personifies the true dark and brooding manifestation that is regarded as encouragingly homogenous to the comics, games and overall atmosphere surrounding the Gotham bat franchise.

Generally speaking, the feature still maintains somewhat of a enjoyable viewing experience, despite the many pitfalls involving plot and character development. Establishing a solid escalation towards the upcoming Justice League films, it may not include the most concrete storyline or continuous narrative, yet it still succeeds to be epic.


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