Deadpool (2016)

The origin story of the straight-talking, humorous Marvel superhero ‘Deadpool’

Film Review

Currently involved  in mercenary pursuits, outspoken former Special Force Operative Wade Wilson lives a somewhat blissful state, meeting and falling for the enticing Vanessa, who shares a common sharp wit to the protagonist. Their dreams are subsequently altered severely after an unpredicted misfortune regarding Wade’s health, and the pair are met with demanding decisions to make. Ultimately deciding to singly sought out Ajax, a moderately disturbed and sadistic leader of rogue experiments, promising to cure Wade and provide him with new abilities beyond expectations. Contrary to foundational indications, Wade is pushed through torturous exploits, further resulting in a unnatural mutation, causing him to later possess accelerated healing capabilities. These new powers bear horrific downsides in the form of a disfigured appearance, forcing Wade to conceal himself away from what he loves most. Now, with the superhero persona of Deadpool, Wade seeks vengeance against Ajax, and the reunion with the one he loves.

There’s a lot to discuss when referring to the utter brilliance of this movie spectacle. Primarily, its unlike any other superhero movie, already providing massive amounts of appeal. Deadpool provides a blunt, yet hugely comical approach to movies,  as well as how heroes are perceived. In fact, he sharply mocks traditional superhero films or characters, bringing more dynamic layers to his personality,  unalike other individuals. It’s a refreshing new outlook that other movie developers may not have been daring enough to pursue, bringing more adult substance to the genre.

With such a large amount of attention from media and the advertising, especially surrounding the high rating in addition to general exposure, it has now achieved the highest ever box office record for an R-rated movie opening. Least to say, this is a monumental display that keeps the audience gripped and engrossed with the story and characters from the start.

Breaking the Boundaries

The audience is introduced to a indelicate persona of a superhero that in fact also bears powers in addition to his typical healing capabilities. This is demonstrated in his direct communication with the audience which is exhibited in a pleasing manner, as opposed to other similarly displayed techniques in TV shows such as Miranda or Mrs Browns’ Boys. Deadpool himself asserts that he’s not, in fact, any kind of hero in contrary to regular belief.  His costume was inherently a disguise to hide his displeasing appearance, aiming to seek the location of Francis through intimidating his associates. When it comes down to it, the main motives behind the plot is ultimately a story of pay back, with a loose approach to enemy relationships.

source: 20th Century Fox

Providing small anecdotes referring to shrewd subjects around the X-Men and even actors that the audience can correlate with immediately further adds to the appeal to Deadpool’s character. The way he instantly connects with the audience directly rapidly allows the viewers to see the whole story, alternating between present and past in a gratifying and alternative way that keeps the progression fresh and engrossing to view throughout. It keeps a consistent balance between comedic elements coupled alongside compelling action and energy, appealing to a large audience, despite the controversial language and crude exploits.

The disputing concerns that effected fans before the film was released – particularly revolving around Ryan Reynolds’ past attempts with the character and other superhero appearances – are calmed by this outstanding performance. Reynolds effortlessly suits the role, fully engaging with the eccentric qualities of the character and his communications and responses to others. It really shows a redeeming display for the actor and especially with this particular role.

Overall, a brilliant demonstration of a lesser known superhero, thrusting him splendidly into the spotlight of cinema and the Marvel universe. Well shot, and with innovative story telling and character building, it charms it’s way into the list of top grossing films as well as gaining large appreciation from audiences.

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