The Revenant (2016)

A compelling and intense story based on true events in dramatic feature ‘The Revenant’

Film Review

 In the wild American tundra of the 1820’s, a group of animal trappers are on the journey of survival as they travel across the to their outpost following an attack from opposing Natives. With the most knowledge regading the surrounding lands, Hugh Glass leads his comrades. Soon enough, he is savagely attacted by a frantic, protective bear and abandoned by his fellows. Now, left unaided and close to death, Glass is compelled to retaliate against the harsh environements, in order to reform with his group and ultimately achieve revenge against his son’s murderer and traitorous ally.

The main prominant and focal consideration when viewing this piece is the truely wonderful beauty of the construction. Rudementally, this is more than just a film. It is in fact, a bewitching, visually pleasing feature of stunning movements and transitions, all comprised from talented directing and performance. Not only are the outlooks of the surrounding landscapes breathtaking, and the pans across the scenery atmospheric and serene, but the evident fluidity from the camera movements during action scenes are also outstanding.

The continuous movement through the scenes allow the audience to percieve every moment of the drama and intense motions from each character. This clever technique allows the audience to become part of the events, in result of the shortage of cuts between angle changes. These flawless, smooth motions really make the audience appreciate the large amounts of work and planning that went into every shot and scene.

The Award-Winning Performance

Secondly, a standout performance is evident in Leonardo DiCaprio‘s portrayal of protagonist Glass. It’s honestly a absolute award-deserving account that merits a honourable acknowledgement when examining film theory and entertainment. A spellbinding, true characterization that exhibits pure emotion through the unfathomable incidents he is thrust into. He truely pushes boundaries of his acting performance, bringing so much raw power to a sitution revolved around such shocking events and harsh realities of nature’s convictions. Glass’ character was an intelligent and diligent example, with true concern for his son; shown through ingenious flashbacks that created a necessarily well arranged backstory.

“I ain’t afraid to die no more. I done it already.”

source: 20th Century Fox

Tom Hardy creates a contrasting, unrelenting persona in the form of fellow group member, Fitzgerald. He’s a stubborn and merciless trapper who unwillingly agrees to accompany Glass when he’s unable to continue the grievous ascend with the other crew members following his bear encounter. Hardy exploits a convincing, ruthless, and selfish portrayal, one which compliments DiCaprio fittingly.

An intense account of survival and the acute, distressing sincerity of nature’s effects. Shocking and atmospheric, with uncensored, brutal action. Although the story progression was slow at first, taking prolonged moments allowing for further build up of apprehension and uncertainty for the characters’ wellbeing. Overall a combination of stunning visuals; in terms of design, locations as well as costumes and make-up, along with outstanding performances of raw redemption, emotion, betrayal and revenge. All resulting in an award-deserving feature, pleasing in the eyes of any film appreciator.

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