Christmas with The Coopers (2015)

Charming presentation of family bonds in the spirit of the festive season in feature ‘Christmas with the Coopers’

Film Review

Charlotte and Sam Cooper want nothing more than the perfect family Christmas. Spanning across four generations, it may be the last chance they get at hosting the annual ideal gathering of their most beloved relatives. Unexpected events unwind for each member of the Cooper clan as the build up to the occasion progresses, testing and relocating family bond in the true spirt of the holiday season.

Introduced to a large mix of characters – ranging over all ages – a consistent anonymous  narrator establishes connection to each individual and delving into an accountant of their personas. And there’s a lot to get to grips with. All uniquely mismatched and with dynamic distinctive characterisations and connections, each member of the extended Cooper family has a noteworthy tale to tell. The audience is able to empathise with some of the characters situations as well as relate to others. How they all manage to come together towards the end is what makes this feature so heart-warming and pleasing to view.

source: Lionsgate

The cast was an enjoyable mix. Some slight humour from Ed Helms, the forthright marvellous Olivia Wilde and the ever-wonderful presence of Amanda Seyfried were just a few of my notable accountants.

Depicting very typical christmas chaos that is commonly demonstrated in festive comedies. The notion is rather flat, relying on the diversity of the individuals to pull in the viewers attention. Having to tolerate an unwanted meal with family on Christmas Eve isn’t the most original concept behind a holiday film, but it has become some kind of norm that we see every year around this time.  As those kinds of features go, I found this to be a pleasing addition to the bundle and influential in the establishment of Christmas spirit but it’s nothing much more than that.

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