Spy (2015)

A CIA desk agent is thrown into dangerous unknown territory in action comedy feature ‘Spy’


Film Review

Melissa McCarthy stars in a comedic spin on the classic spy film. Obligated is stay in the ear of her partner, Susan Cooper is an unaclaimed CIA associate living in the shadow of her colleagues. She’s quick to volunteer to be part of an undercover scheme following the unexpected loss of her partner. She’s way out of her depth but that doesn’t stop her from the determination to prove herself a respectable and potentially lethal spy, and not just the uncoordinated fool people perceive her to be.

It’s serious work, being a top agent spy. Stalking intel to gain classified information, staring death right in the face. Then this film comes along. And laughs at all of that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. This film is just a load of fun, with just the right balance of action and thrill. Playing on the stereotypical representation of what it means to be a undercover spy and then completely spinning it on its head. It begins like any other secret service film would, Bradley Fine is the spitting representation of the timeless James Bond demeanour

Primarily, it’s Melissa McCarthy‘s portrayal that engages me in the scenarios. We all know she’s renowned for her ungraceful and primitive characters in other comedies such as BridesmaidsThe Heat, Identity Thief and Tammy.  That’s what she’s naturally gifted at, and she pulls it off superbly. Susan, as a character is highly driven, with a raw sharp-whit, contrasting the customary norm of the spy depiction. She’s thrown out the safety of her desk chair and into the frantic environment of guns, weapons and humiliating alter egos.

Going from country to country, there’s a succession of antagonists set out to get in Susan’s way, but she demonstrates that she is perfectly capable of triumphing as a legitimate agent. Just with a more unconventional approach. With frequent twists and unforeseen turns in the plot to keep viewing constantly engaging.

source: 20th Century Fox

I can’t decipher this feature without mentioning Jason Statham‘s brilliant role in the commotion as Rick Ford. He likes to materialise out of nowhere, seeming to follow Susan wherever she goes. They quarrel in the finest standard of absurdness. Another notable performance comes in the form of Miranda Hart, taking the role of Susan’s confidante Nancy Artingstall. The pair compliment each other harmoniously.

Overall just a bit of harmless light-hearted fun with some wonderful cast performances.


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