Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

It’s year three for this famous young wizard. Expecto Patronum!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban By J.K. Rowling

Commencing Harry’s third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after another insufferable summer with his dead Mother’s sister and her Muggle family. This year marks the return of convicted criminal Sirius Black, who recently escaped from Azkaban and is now on the run. Harry soon finds out Black’s intentions and once again finds himself in a new, dangerous adventure, along with his best friends Ron and Hermione.

It’s come to that time again where I praise good ol’ Ms Rowling’s writing and wish that I had actually read this series back when everyone else my age did.. Like normal people did. Now the initial magic of the Harry Potter world has rubbed off my deprived 19 year old self, I’m now left with reading a middle-age fantasy novel with a young naive male protagonist. When I put it that way, it doesn’t even seem that appealing. But of course, this series is different. Despite not growing up with the young wizarding adventures of The Boy Who Lived I can still appreciate it soo much. And I don’t care how childish it may seem… I’m just a bit behind with my generation.

This instalment brings a bundle of additional excitement to Harry’s wizarding life. From Patronus charms to the brilliant introduction to the Marauders and their whimsical map.

“‘Mr Moony presents his compliments  to Professor Snape and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people’s business”‘

These books are just so easy to read, I can fly through them and still enjoy every moment. I already know what’s going to happen, which maybe does make some of the magic become lost on me, but thats the unfortunate consequences of watching the films before reading the books. I can only blame myself for that though. But still. The writing is great, that’s basically what i’m trying to get across.

“One by one, the pairs of feet in front of Harry took the weight of their owners once more…” 

That’s just some beautiful description right there.

A lot of the time when I start to review a Potter book, I do find myself saying a lot of the same praise. It’s magical. Of course it is, that’s what Harry Potter is all about. But it’s captivating, believable and just makes me want to go to Hogwarts. And i’ve never once really wanted to be a witch. But J. K. Rowling makes it great. It seems that she is just incapable of failing.

“Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps it’s brain”

I love that quote and i’m not even totally sure why. It makes you think.

So now it’s coming to the point where I rate this splendid work of the written word. And i’ll admit, I find it difficult to rate. But, there’s just a part of me that can’t quite give it the full five stars. It took a long time to get to the main focus of the book – the main ‘action’. And I put the word action there in quotation marks there because it was mainly just a lot of shouting, not necessarily ‘action’. Now, I know i might just be being picky because… well because I think I can be picky sometimes. But everything did just seem to happen all at once when it got near to the end. There were quarrels and Harry kept changing his mind a lot – his naive little mind is still learning, bless. But I found that not much really.. happened.

Buuut. `i still really enjoyed it, I do enjoy Black and Lupin as characters. I think my opinion on Sirius that established from seeing the film made me more sympathetic to him during the advancement of his persona and how individuals acted towards him.

Also, Crookshanks is brill

Next stop, The Triwizard Tournament!

MY RATING:four hearts

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