Circle (2015)

In a room full of strangers, what gives you right to choose who lives and who dies? Short suspense film ‘Circle’ shows us about the morals of humanity when faced with the ominous presence of certain death.


Film Review

Suspense filled ‘Circle‘ is a mysterious short film about 50 apparent strangers trapped in a unknown chamber. One wrong move and they’re vaporised. They soon realise that they collectively have the choice of who dies next. Thrown straight into the action, this thriller keeps us guessing the whole way through, questioning the morals of humanity and what really is right or wrong.

It’s an interesting one, not particularly ground-breaking, but gripping all the same. I came across a review not long ago, that described compared this to the Doctor Who episode that took a more violent spin on playing the weakest link. This episode was back when Christopher Eccleston travelled in the TARDIS and Rose found herself up against a robotic Anne Robinson that ultimately ‘killed’ the weakest links. But anyway, I was intrigued when he compared Circle to this concept.

And it was true.

Just on such a larger scale. And a more complex one at that. It’s a kill or be killed situation that none of them want to be in. Completely unaware of how they even got there in the first place, soon, one by one, each of them are terminated. And by what? Who knows. It starts in a mad panic and disarray, understandable concerning what they are witnessing. But as the viewer, it’s just a jumbled mess. Because there were so many diverse characters, some that are never even introduced properly, we can barely relate or get our head around what is happening. But when you think about it, that’s the beauty of the performance. None of them know what’s happening. There’s no visual prominent ‘enemy’ or voice that speaks to them, explaining what they need to do to survive. Instead they need to do it all themselves. And it’s here when it get’s a bit more interesting.

“You’re gonna die, dude. We all are”

Morals, and the values we each have as human beings is a strong concern throughout this whole débâcle. These subjects or even ‘prisoners’ need to decide what’s right and what’s wrong in this confusing game of life and death. Different theories and ideas are passed around, trying to buy themselves time and spare their own lives – each showing their true colours before it’s too late.

source: FilmBuff

At times, I found the dialogue and speech between the characters to be so unnatural it was weird to watch, yet that added more to the urgency of the situation. As the numbers dropped, the suspense increased, I was constantly guessing who would be next and what the meaning was behind the whole circumstance. Frustrating at times, especially when they seem to  deliberate over the survival of certain classifications of individuals like they don’t even have a say … And that ending… I was disappointed to say the least.

Still a solid watch. Nothing amazing but it is a lot to take in, in such a short space of time. But was it all a test? Or just a game? Guess we’ll never really know

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