Suffragette (2015)

A righteous woman takes a stand for her equal rights in period drama feature, ‘Suffragette’.


Film Review

“Never surrender, never give up the fight”

Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter star in upcoming powerful period drama centring around a group of ordinary women in their fight for freedom.

Inspired by true events, Suffragette tells the compelling and admirable story of Maud (Mulligan), a working-class woman who soon realises that there are things in life worth fighting for. Set in 1912 England, the feminist rebellion is rising against the ignorance of the male population. Maud is accidentally thrown into the brutality of the cause and soon is forced to make life-changing decisions in order to resolve their prejudiced society.

This gripping story shows such a genuine outlook to the perils that women went through during the 19th century. Maud’s character goes through abrupt growth as she increasingly becomes more aware of the severity of the current circumstances. She starts as quite an innocent and unaware drone of civilisation, consistently satisfying the demands of ungracious men, not giving a second thought until she reflects on the hardships she has had to suffer through. Recognised as a suffragette, Maud begins to show her true anger and determination against the antagonistic hierarchy, suffering the consequences along the way.

This film truly shows that it wasn’t just a rebellion; but an alliance. These women endured the journey of self-discovery together, pushing through the hardships with the support of fellow protesters, all with one common goal. The cast – particularly Mulligan – really captured the distress and torment of the times, bringing out the inner feminist.

source: Pathé

Scenes were dramatic and shocking, demonstrating an honest representation of the savage struggle of competition. The camera’s movements replicated the fierce rush of protests and police mercilessness. Although I feel that at some points, the camera was so unsteady that it made it uncomfortable to watch – probably didn’t help that I was seated near the front of the cinema.

The overall look of the film was stunning. Set design, costumes and effects created a significant balance of visuals to compliment the narrative.The subtle grain that was evident throughout the feature enhanced the historical`experience, furthering the film’s authenticity and credibility to the time period.

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